Dua and Dalal

“The allegations made by Dua and Dalal are extremely serious, and are very much in line with what many women in the region have experienced,” Stirling said, “There is no question that their lives are in imminent danger if they are returned to Saudi Arabia. What they are doing takes tremendous courage, and they need and deserve our support.”

“Cases like Latifa and Haya really represent the tip of the iceberg,” Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai says, “The proper way to understand it is that domestic abuse and repression of women in the Gulf is such a widespread social problem that it is even occurring at the highest levels of society. Even the wives and daughters of the region’s rulers are not safe; so the situation for average women is even worse. Dua and Dalal have detailed an experience of unending abuse, subjugation, discrimination, and domestic tyranny from childhood until today. Even after their escape in Turkey, they are still being pursued, and in danger of deportation back to the same horrific conditions which have traumatised them all their lives." Radha Stirling, CEO and founder of Detained in Dubai

Saudi sisters’ asylum bid must not be overshadowed by escape of Princess Haya
As global attention has turned to the apparent asylum bid of Princess Haya bint Hussein and her escape from the UAE, reportedly with millions of dollars in tow; Saudi sisters Dua and Dalal Khalid are literally hiding out in Turkey in constant fear for their lives, trying desperately to be granted refugee status or asylum in a third country before their family members find them."

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