Peter Margetts

Peter Margetts has been sentenced to over 40 years imprisonment when his investors presented cheques written in advance. Peter claims that he was defrauded by his business partner related to property developments. Peter told us he remained in Dubai to sort out matters with his investors and was at the time in a position to pay them a substantial portion of what they were owed, with the remaining to follow within 12 months.

He wanted to resolve matters amicably with them. Allegedly, they didn’t believe that he had been defrauded and felt he was withholding their funds deliberately. They would not negotiate with him and presented security cheques to the banks, resulting in Peter being detained, so far for almost 2 years. He has been dragged back and forth through the Court system for this whole time, suffocating in transit.

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Unfortunately, Peter is now with countless others in a Dubai jail where he faces effectively a life of imprisonment. At over 40 years old, this sentence equates to the rest of his life behind bars over a business arrangement, leaving his wife and children alone.

"Who would ever have thought that doing business in Dubai could have the result of ending one’s life?"
Radha Stirling