Popppy Seeds

Drugs are not tolerated in Dubai and typically result in four year prison terms for drug possession, while trafficking drugs has a death penalty attached. A Swiss man was recently reported to have been imprisoned for possession of 3 poppy seeds on his clothing after eating a bread roll in the Heathrow airport. Banned substances include (among others) poppy seeds, melatonin, codeine or any minute trace of marijuana or other narcotic substances. Prescription drugs should be accompanied by a doctor’s note detailing the need for the medication and dose, even if in transit. Medicines should also be carried in their original packaging if possible.

“We call on the UK and other national governments to immediately initiate a communications campaign to adequately and properly warn their citizens of the unusual and unexpected risks of stopping over, vacationing, doing business, investing, etc. in the UAE until the country modernises its laws— to parallel the country’s initiatives to desperately attract foreign visitors, vacationers, employees, etc. Until then, we advise all foreign nationals to avoid travel to and through the UAE, because the risks are simply not worth it.” Radha Stirling CEO and founder of Detained in Dubai