Connor Clements

“Brits and other Westerners should think very carefully before visiting Dubai for work or holidays. Even with the best intentions of observing local laws, it is far too easy to find oneself inadvertently in breach, and the punishments for such mistakes can often be devastating." Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai

“In Connor’s case he believed he was obeying each country’s laws to the letter, and yet the remaining traces of THC in his bloodstream were enough for him to be charged with possession. Obviously this definition of ‘possession’ would never occur to someone in the West. Indeed, it can be quite confusing when for instance, it is illegal to buy alcohol in the UAE without a license, but one can consume alcohol on a flight to the UAE, and not be criminally charged upon arrival for ‘possession’ of alcohol without a license on the basis of having alcohol in one’s system. Travellers are understandably perplexed, and therefore at risk.”