Khoury v Cavalli, Al Habtoor et al.

Khoury added “The UAE reported me to Interpol despite having committed no crimes, but when I reported the threats and abuse from Cavalli, they ignored it. Later, Cavalli put a photo of himself on Instagram with the middle finger, tagging me in it and bizarrely then reported me to Dubai police for a cybercrime violation, telling them that I was the person in the photo, even though I am twice his age and look nothing like him. The police accepted it and this is the kind of legal system foreigners submit to when they visit the Emirates!”

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“It is extremely disturbing that people are prosecuted in the UAE for far lesser offences; such as US citizen Jordan Bradford who was detained over a private and less offensive WhatsApp text messages to his ex wife; but police won’t even investigate serious abusive and threatening voice recordings from Cavalli. This selective enforcement of the law, highlights just how prejudiced the UAE is against Westerners, how discriminatory and how open to influence, coercion and corruption, the UAE’s law enforcers are. This predictably volatile environment makes the country extremely dangerous to investors, expats and tourists,” commented Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai.